Monday, October 1, 2007

Wherein We Promise Sexual Favors To Mitchell Blatt

The Sports Brethren are dedicated to two things: Bringing our readers the best product we can on a stomach of wings and booze, and getting more people to use the word "brethren" more often.

We appear to be doing swimmingly on both fronts, and thusly would like to ask you attractive people for a favor: if you see Mitchell Blatt today give that guy a high five for us.* He ranked us as the 64th Most Influential Sports Blog, and, not unlike the N64 gaming system, he kicks ass.

Hat Tips and nods are about all the credit sports bloggers get (along with sweet, sweet ad revenue) so we're feeling mighty loved right now. Take a moment to check out Juiced Sports and leave 'em a comment expressing how awesome you think their blog is.

Thanks again and like Dirk Diggler we promise to keep rocking and rolling, making better [sports blog posts].

A photographic representation of how we feel, desde...

Who needs chicken when you've got biscuits like these?

We pledge to crack the top 50 within the year!

* = or, at the very least, a squealgasm.

** We'd also like to point out if the Juiced Sports Blog did a NCAA blog pool, we'd totally take down "I'm Writing Sports" to have the chance to hang tough against Will and his Deadspin juggernaut in the first half, only to be blown out in the fitting second half. Rock on.


Bobbie said...

Congratulations Nacho and Brethren!!!

Gridiron Goddess said...

Congrats Guys!!! you rock!