Monday, October 29, 2007

Week 8: The Anti-Boss Game

Brethren: So Nacho is entertaining Mammy out in LaLa-land and they're seeing the Boss tonight. I saw him at MSG a few weeks ago; needlesstosay, the man still rocks.

You know what doesn't rock? A 31-7 loss to the Colts.

Some other things that are Anti-Boss about this Panthers team:

- They have yet to win at home.

- David Carr doesn't know who Steve Smith is.

- Vinny Testaverde, despite being a much better quarterback than David Carr, still threw a terrible interception in the end zone in the second quarter. I think that INT woke the Colts up and they remembered they were actually better than the Cats.

More patented Brethren thoughts after:

Brethren (cont'd): - The Colts are just a lot better than us, and most of the NFL. Those 31 unanswered points were positively dominating.

- The scheduling gods did as much as they could to help us, with this being only the second time a team who played on the road on Monday night had to play on the road the following Sunday against a team who had just had their bye. The Colts do not believe in the scheduling gods.

- The scary thing is the Patriots might be a lot better than the Colts. Next week's game is gonna be monumental.

- While it's probably untrue that David Carr doesn't not know who Steve Smith is, it is true that he is the most jittery quarterback I've ever seen. He checks down from that first progression (Steve Smith) way way too often. Doesn't he know that Steve Smith is not human and catch most anything coming his way? Fucking take a chance, pretty boy.

- That first drive, Vinny T, that first drive. I bet John Fox is still having wet dreams over that drive. I might be too. Sucks the rest of the game was pretty shitty.

- I'm sorry there's not a lot of energy in this post. This was a depressing football weekend. Virginia lost their first ACC game; Florida lost to Georgia for the third time in the last 18 tries; the Panthers got stomped at home. Good thing Latin beat Country Day -- we almost got the 0-4 weekend. 1-3 sucks still.

- So I'll leave you with one thing that was Boss from this weekend: Trinity football's announcers.

Nacho: As brethren said, Mammy was in town this weekend. We had a loverly time and I'm far more attractive than when she arrived. (With the Panthers loss, so goes the muttonchops.) In their honor, a highlight reel:

- The opening drive.

- My sweet costume on Saturday night.

- The Grill on Hollywood. (Great steak.)

- Going apefeces in Barnes & Noble, the jewel of the bunch being "Gonzo", the oral history of Hunter S Thompson.

- The Boss played in the LA Memorial Ports Arena (not a typo; the lights are out in the S). Our seats were behind the stage, but on the fifth row. Basically, the Boss generally rocked out facing away from, but his band, and even the man himself weren't too shy about stepping on a platform back in our area and rocking out to us on several occassions.

- Brethren agrees: OC Cougars > NJ Cougars.

- I'm currently winning the fantasy hockey league I'm in with an astounding 27-1-2 record. Last week I shut out my opponent 15-0.

- Last, but not least, parenting in Colorado:

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