Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week Six Preview: A Battle On Mars

Nacho: I looked up some quotes about Arizona, and my favorite is: "Arizona looks like a battle on Mars."

With that mindset, lemme tell ya'bout this weekend I got planned for October 12-14th:

Most years I do a cross-country road trip or some such adventure, but this year I've been quite content to hang around Los Angeles. I did some traveling this summer, but that's about it....until next weekend.

With the addition of some recent announcements, the trip went from "Fun" to "Epic." Let's stick this pig, after...

First up, Friday is opening night of Point Break: the live theater production. The most badass part: the role of Johnny Utah is played by a member of the audience every night! Whoa!

Saturday we gas up the jet and head to lovely Arizona for the Suns/Hornets preseason game, followed by a drunken stumble through the Steve Nash Maize Maze. The best part: the General Motors Proving Grounds are across the train tracks from the Maize Maze, so if we get bored, we'll prove some shit.

Sunday we're headed to the Pink Taco for the Cats/Cards. This will mark the first Panther game outside of Bank of America stadium for me, and I couldn't be more excited. There won't be a lot of Panther fans, so body paint may be required. The bestest part: brooding Cardinals' fans will be cleverly trash-talked in sign form, due to alcohol intake.

Afterwards, it's a hop, skip, and a jump through the desert and back to LA for Monday morning at the office.

Photo field-trip to ensue.

Think you can top any of those plans, Brethren?

Brethren: I too am taking a Week Six road trip. I'm heading down to Charlottesville to visit our National Treasure. I'll have my itinerary up shortly and we can compare.

For now, I'll just say I'm quite impressed by such an actionable plan for you West Coasters. I always thought weekends for you Cali types consisted of making lots of plans during the week, only to get to Friday and deciding to get real weird instead and going see the new Ben Stiller movie, followed by waking up Saturday morning, hitting the bong to get over that hangover, coming to just after lunch, and saying, "Fuck it, let's go to the beach."

So you've got that going for you. Well done. My response soon.

Nacho: I resent that remark. You've read Rammer Jammer, you know what the autumn brings. I'll swear on a stack of Bibles that the real New Year comes October 1st. We're a quarter of the way thorugh the NFL season; fantasy breakout stars and busts abound. Baseball, a sport I don't cotton to, is finally intersting (and awesome). And the NBA returns after a rather TMZ-esque summer. Andrei Kirilenko made noise fer crissake.

Anyway, the point I'm trying to make is, go see that really funny movie you see ads for during your games, because see then you can see my name in the credits and boo. Or cheer. Or throw unmentionables. Whatever....

No, the point I'm trying to make is that Los Angeles is the modern day melting pot, meaning that native Angelinos aren't much for sports (save for Lakers and Trojans....and Bruins), but those that bring their allegiances from miles away are alive and thriving in the Hollyhood. Our faiths and investments in our home teams span the country and we're the folks you'll find at the bars at nine in the morning. For us LA transplants, the fall is our favorite season: we have fantastic weather and sports all day....until 8pm....then Simpsons start....Count it!

Also, the beaches out here pale in comparison to the OBX.

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Hats Bagelman said...

You know I hear the Jason Kidd corn maze is better yet still overlooked.