Sunday, July 12, 2009

Announcements: Moving Day Hath Come

Brethren: This announcement is a bit late-coming, but if you're still checking around these here parts, wondering why we haven't posted in a while, here are your answers:

Nacho and I have decided to close up shop on the Sports Brethren and take our sports blogging prowess over to the team at Cubicle GM. We're the lead NFL and life-musing writers for the Cube, so expect much of the same Panthery passion, as well as thoughts around our beloved league. We'll do some NBA (Bobcats) posts too, and try to keep the quirk and the charm as flowing as ever.

I believe I speak for Nacho when I say writing this blog has been a huge part of our lives the past two years, and has brought us closer together as brothers. It's been a real joy, and I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read, make a comment, or forward us along to unsuspecting fools.

So keep track of us at the Cube, and we'll keep the archives up here for all time so that you can come back, get nostalgic, and read some of our greatest hits. Or maybe that'll just be me.

Be well, sports (brethren) fans.

Oh yea, and we'll be writing under our real names at the new site. For those of you who didn't know:

Nacho Friendly = Smokey Cloud
Brethren = Mickey Cloud
The Jump