Monday, October 8, 2007

Most Likely To Make Me Wanna Hurt Myself

Nacho: Ladies and gentlemen, The Hair will be our starting quarterback for the indefinite future.

A well-placed blowdart in Phoenix might be in order.

I want Matt Moore, more than ever.

Fuck, at this point, I'd rather have Darcy Maeda under center:

David Carr: twice as chin-touchy, half as tough.

Why hath god forsaken us?

Brethren: What's Rodney Peete up to?

While I'm only half-kidding about Rodney Peete, we do have to do something. Yes, Carr toughed out the win this week, but I just don't see him being the answer right now. I hope as the season progresses,and we wear the white jerseys less and the black ones more, the cooler looking black gloves he uses will translate into more success. It is a high hope indeed.

Ed. Note: Thanks to my boy Gideon for the tip on the breaking news.

Ed. Note part deux: Both Nacho and Brethren were also named as "Most Likely to Become Famous" as seniors in high school. So we and David Carr got that going for us.


Bobbie said...

Lord help the Panthers! Please, is there a quarterback out there for them???!!! David Carr is NOT the answer

Alfio Vitolo said...

I just threw up in my mouth when I read this. I watched The Hair play against Tampa Bay and he made me weep.

Gridiron Goddess said...

I love David Carr. And this has nothing to do with his football playing and everything to do with his hair. lol

Cananada said...

He obviously wore the wrong coloUr gloves. Is it just me or when a player goes off on a cart crying he will be out for the whole season? Can we make this an official rule, not just a rule of thumb and not grandfather it so that Carr has to sit through the entire season? Someone call up the commish.

Kevin said...

I do believe the commish of the "more taste league" would throw the hammer down on Mr. Carr. He probably drinks Zima's with jolly ranchers in them. Can Steve Smith play quarterback?