Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Vinny Vidi Vici

Brethren: How many greasy-haired quarterbacks can one team get?

I mean, at this point, why not? Why can't a 43 year-old journeyman QB take us to the Promised Land? Because that's way too old you say? Well screw that. JFK was the President of the MothaFuckin United States at 43. Vinny can take us to the Super Bowl, then take his grandkids to Disney World.

Nacho's the good one at making jokes and posting funny pictures, so I'll let him have at it once he comes to on the Left Coast.

Brethren: So maybe that argument doesn't hold up. I tried.

Nacho: I once read a blogpost about Real Life Level Bosses which took a humorous spin on the things and people one had to best in order to complete a videogame level. (Think King Koopa.) Today I feel like Jimmy effing Woods! I completed close to 1400 text messages while driving through LA traffic! Go safety!

Before you get all indignant, lets try to keep some perspective here: Last year our back up was Chris Weinke. Now we've got a former number one pick and the only man to complete a TD pass in thirty-six consecutive seasons?!?! [Ed.'s note: this marks the first time ever that a team has two quarterbacks on its roster that were selected No. 1 overall.] Sign me the fuck up! This season couldn't be going better for the Cardiac Catz and it's only gonna get better. The sky's the limit.

Yesterday I was downtrodden that I wouldn't see Vinny, now I'm on cloud nine.

I feel like it's a.....NEW GAME!

one last note: This kinda feels like the equivalent of Pam Anderson marrying the guy from the Paris Hilton video. I mean, why shouldn't the Panthers sign Vinny?


Alfio Vitolo said...

I heard we are trying to coax Drew Bledsoe out of retirement too, but he is refusing to play in the same league as Tony Romo.

Hats Bagelman said...

Maybe you should try and trade for Trent Green while you're at it.

Nacho Friendly said...

Who woulda thought Fred Savage would end up such a good director? Daddy Day Care may be shite, but his work on Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia is amazing.

Gridiron Goddess said...

The Carolina Panthers - Home of QBs with good hair.