Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Better Know A Beaver

Nacho: Word just came down the pipeline that Cardinals fans and Panther fans have a little something in common. It seems neither team's Week 1 starting QB felt much like finishing out the season. Luckily for the Cards, Tim "TIMMEH!" Rattay is available.

Personally, this won't detract in the least bit from my enjoyment of this weekend's matchup, but I will admit I was kinda hoping to see Vinny T under center. That woulda been cool.

As for the Panthers, I've got my life preserver on, and I want only one man commanding this lifeboat: King Beav Matt Moore. Our mancrush expands, after..

Nacho cont'd: The scariest part of watching David Carr play--besides those insufferable gloves; I have it on good authority he likes to pretend he's Mickey Mouse-- is his interminable loitering in the pocket. The long and the short of it is, David Carr simply isn't a good quarterback.

I may be nothing more than an unfrozen caveman football fan, but I know that David Carr couldn't defuse a bomb if there was only one wire to cut...

Which is why I'd like to officially throw my support behind someone younger than me. The only other time this has happened, it resulted in a funny O face in a newspaper. Sorry Miley, but my lust for youth has been transferred onto the capable shoulders of Matt Moore, third-string extraordinaire.

Not much is known of this shadowy figure. He stands 6'4", and I'm apt to admire that, because, see, a Great American Hero & personal savior of mine, once stood that tall...and kilt fiddy men. Fun Fact: Moore was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels of GotSwept back in 2004 in the 22nd round. Wow. 22nd round. That's a long wait.

Luckily for us, Matt spurned that pastoral sport, and gained the starting QB spot for the Oregon State Beaves. During his tenure he completed 183 passes without a interception. I'm fairly certain David Carr once went an entire series of downs without an interception, but I'd have to check some facts first.

Anyway, I just wanted to welcome Matt Moore onto the SportsBrethren's radar. You join the ranks of Ryan Kalil. Perhaps on a team bus, you two can discuss which SportsBrethren's dreamier (hint: the bearded one).

While watching "In The Line Of Fire" I got an idea of how to take out Carr without getting caught by pesky metal detectors.* That oughta leave a smirk on Matt's face...

Am I crazy, or does he look a lot like
the guy from "Life on a Stick"?

Brethren: While I'm certainly a bit more than concerned now that my fiery Cajun's on the IR and I'm not exactly thrilled by the prospect of being led by The Hair, I can't jump wholeheartedly on the Matt Moore Bandwagon, as driven by Nacho, just yet.

Nacho did have a Dark Ages as a Panthers fan, so I can forgive him for not remembering the likes of Dameyune Craig, Randy Fasani, Rod Rutherford, Jeff Lewis, and Stefan LeFors -- all third-string QBs who showed "promise" and we're always popular because they weren't Chris Weineke, Jake Delhomme, or Steve Beuerlein. Fasani and Craig I particularly remember as the two who everybody loved for their preseason lore, but couldn't do anything if ever given a chance in the regular season.

And seeing as I hate the Pac-10, I don't really know if I can load onto the Matt Moore Bandwagon just yet. I'm willing to give The Hair a chance for the next couple of weeks. I still have high hopes for the season; this team showed some guts this past week. Ugly guts, but guts nonetheless.

AWESOME UPDATE: The SportsCousin, Treyseph, and I got into a debate about whether or not Tuesday Morning QuarterBack is good or not. The end result was that it good, just no good for office crowd. Too long. Anyway, here's the awesome part, as glommed from TMQ,

"Jaws Note: With Jake Delhomme and David Carr hurt, undrafted rookie quarterback Matt Moore made a brief appearance for the Panthers. On draft day in April, Ron Jaworski said Moore was the best quarterback prospect after JaMarcus Russell, Brady Quinn and Trent Edwards. All NFL general managers ignored Jaws' advice, yet now there has been a Matt Moore sighting. And speaking of JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn, are they in the NFL."

Additional Update: Fellow Charlottean Mel asks, "What's Chris Leak up to?" About five foot ten. ZING!

*Ed's note: we're not really planning on killing David Carr this weekend. We wouldn't want to mess up his hair.


Kevin said...

We must all remember that Mr. Matt Moore led the Oregon State Beavers to a 33-31 win over my most hated team outside the SEC, Southern Cal, last season. This ultimately led to the Gators making the championship game. Matt Moore is the answer to our problems. I rest my case

Alfio Vitolo said...
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Alfio Vitolo said...

matt. you must read this and update your blog posthaste. you still have a chance to see vinny under center this weekend, but unfortunately for everyone involved, he will be in a panthers uniform...