Monday, November 12, 2007

Week 10: Embarrassment

Nacho: If you're like me, you only get your news from one source. Yep, The Canadian Press. Which is why, when the Canadians mock us, it hurts doubly so.

I was going to say I place the blame for this season on the Defender of Fresh Biscuits, but our effing Coach is already doing that. Well....that's incredibly frustrating. Here I am writing up a hypothetical, and Foxy just goes and admits it. This is in no way maddening.

The argument of "Hey, I was trying to when a quarterback older than an Ent," is pretty weak, but it's one that everyone (except Steve Smith) seems to have bought into.

Aside from Smith's legitimate tantrums I see no heart in this team. If Peppers's personality doesn't jive with being an emotional leader, so be it. But, someone's gotta step up. At this point, I feel like our only hope is for Matt Moore to go Steamin' Willie Beamon on the league, which is looking less and less likely every week.

One last note: It's nice to see Dwayne Jarrett out there every once in a while, Foxy. We drafted him and we're using him about one-tenth as much as Beaston. Lets get some return on our investment, whattasay?

Patented, bulleted thoughts from Brethren, afer

Brethren: Yesterday's loss has put us Sports Brethren in a sour, rather apathetic mood. An embarrassing game all around; my patented bulleted thoughts:

- The I-85 rivalry game is pretty mind-numbingly bad these days. I didn't even get mad at MJD in the Smorgasboard when he called it a "classic shit vs. shit" game. It is what it is.

- Steve Smith, my plea to not ask to be traded continues. I know this might be a dire situation at 4-5, but with David Carr hurt and Vinny T hobblin' around, maybe someone (named Matt Moore) who can throw downfield will try to get you involved soon.

- Oh, and Steve, you might want to watch your back: that witty ole Tom Sorensen sure knows how to throw down and call you out. Sorensen, throw down.

- It will be over a full calendar year before the Cats win again at home. Awesome. Way to show the paying customers you care.

- The thing that angers me most about the otherwise not terrible defense on this 4-5 team: the outrageous excessive celebration. This D (mainly looking at you, Ken Lucas) cannot make one solid good play on defense without acting like complete jackasses. Memo: you're not good enough to celebrate like that. You aren't.

- You know what? We suck, but that don't mean I'm not excited about drankin beers with Nacho in Section 539 come December for the Dallas game. We like to keep it classy up there.

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