Sunday, November 25, 2007

Jesus Shuttlesworth Smites Bobcats

Nacho: After suffering through the righteous indignation of Magic fans on Friday, we Bobcat faitthful were given the opportunity to watch our team lose a heartbreaker to the best team in the league. Ray Allen came to town and showed us what kind of game he's got. In case you missed it, the video's below:

One thought, after....

Nacho cont'd: Here's my thing: I love it when the media makes a kneejerk reaction based on the past, and not the present. Kinda like how Kitnabot 3000 was making eyes roll with his prediction of 10+ wins. Well, sure, history dictates the Lions will always be insignificant as long as Barry Sanders stubbornly stays retired, but if you saw Calvin Johnson play once last year, you could tell he would be a game changer.

Oh and let us not forget how quick sports news outlets were to reach for straightjackets this offseason. Granted, the KG trade hadn't gone down, but Ray was on board, and, if you're cynical, you can imagine a situation where Ainge knew what was gonna go with KG in light of the Donaghy scandal.

Don't forget, David Stern took over the crown as The Great Distractor once Johnnie Cochrane shuffled off this mortal coil. The dress code, age limit, and new ball all took coverage away from football and baseball in masterful strokes. Last year, before christmas *the* story of the year was where AI was gonna go. Melo goes apeshit and the next thing we know, AI's Nuggin'.

Just saying, we should've all seen this coming.

Now lets all witness the first home victory in over a year!

(I'm secretly hoping for a Matt Moore Coming Out Party)

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