Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Can't Nobody Haka Like Ginga'breds

Nacho: South Africa can make its own version. The University of Hawai'i can give it a shot.

But lets all agree, no one--but no one!!!--can Haka like Ginga'bred Men:

The original Haka mastas, after...

I present the All Blacks:


Kaivalya said...

Good Day Cloud boys. My name is Kaivalya Young or as known during my sports camp days as Coach "K". I worked there for a number of years while ya'll were in camp there. Nice blog and keep up the good work.

Brethren said...

K! How's it going? All the MSC guys are finding their way over to the blog; I love it!

Is Calvin Calhoun out there? Hope ya'll are doing well. Send us an email (mickey.cloud@gmail.com and smokeycloud@gmail.com) and let's catch up.