Thursday, November 8, 2007

Soccer Is Ruining Basketball

Nacho: There's been an undercurrent in the NBA for a few seasons now. It becomes more apparent as people like Steve Nash and Manu Ginobili become household names. Namely, it's the scourge of the soccer player. Say what you will about the inherent flopping that comes with allowing soccer players into your sport, but that's the least of our troubles. I'm talking about the future of the sport, here. We simply cannot keep allowing people who enjoy soccer to continue, unabated, to exist amongst other, real athletes.

This sounds terribly negative towards a sport I don't even play, but I tend to take offense when shit like this happens:

Do you think for one second if Nash had done that to Zeke on the 89-90 Pistons that he would've lived to see another day? 10-to-1 odds Lambeer would've made sure he never danced again. Hell, he'd probably consider it "just practice" too. Dick.

Daggumit, soccer players get my dander up more than anyone. If Brethren's got any thoughts on this situation, they'll be after...

UPDATE: Brethren's seeing the play The Color Purple tonight and will be in far too serious a mode to discuss the relative merits or demerits of soccer's role in the future of basketball. Thank you for your time.

Brethren: (Friday morning, circa 10 AM EST) AH! ARRGH! FUCK! My close friends know I hate the fairy folks. But seriously, FUCK STEVE NASH. That was a downright rotten dirty play and I too blame soccer. Fuck that sport and all the douchebags that play it.

Of course, Stern will ignore this because hey, it's only the Bobcats, and because his white all-star/MVP is involved. Look, Steve, just because you got an dirty, unfair play against you in that Spurs series doesn't mean you can just do this shit. FUCK.

Listen up ya'll: I have a damning Steve Nash story we've been sitting on. Rest assured, once we follow up with our source and confirm, we'll be getting that shit out on the Interwebs.

I knew I hated Canucks.


Hank said...

Nice blog. You should have more articles about Sports Camp, though.

Brethren said...

Hank! No shit, man, what's going on?

For your reference:

Solid McCallie action right there.