Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 3: One Day Someone Will Write A Song About You

The title of this post comes from the action megahit "Speed" wherein Sandra Bullock makes it known that she thinks highly of the fateful bus driver. That sentiment rings true for the Game Changer, Steve Smith, this week.

There's a whole lotta buzz surrounding the whole DeAngelo Hall scuffle, and I for one would like to take a moment to spotlight a man who, despite having a terrible statistical game, still was the reason we won.

Our buddy Dave has the best wrap up so I won't try to improve upon it. In fact, I'll let Brethren take it away:

Brethren: My bulleted thoughts from the Upper West side bar we watched the games at:

- I was not happy with that team until we got to the 4th quarter. It's still the fucking Falcons.

- I hate those Dane Cook "Actober" MLB playoff commercials. Dane Cook is no Don Cheadle, even if they have the same initials.

- David Carr's daintly white gloves: ugh. David Carr's slicked back hair that ultimately kinda looks like a mullet: ugh. David Carr, 3-4 in backup relief: Ok. Not completely sold still.

- I have always hated DeAngelo Hall. Nacho said it best when he texted me, "Deangelo can eat a dick." I'm sorry but I just don't like Virginia Tech sports. I can't. I won't.

- I can't wait til it gets late enough in the season and start wearing the black jerseys. I do like those so much more.

- Steve Smith is tenacious. I've said it before; I'll continue saying it. I'm kinda in love with him. Although, no, I haven't seen The Notebook yet even though he endorses it.

Sorry if this was not the most in-depth/awe-inspiring recap. The Panthers-Falcons game was the Official "Hunched over in a corner, on a smaller TV than every other game" Game of the Week. What up, I-85 rivalry no one in New York cares about. Rock on.

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Gridiron Goddess said...

heh heh glad your panthers won. But it is ON boys. ;) Mammy is writing for my site. hee hee. Cloud boys vs. Gridiron Goddess and Mammy.

hee hee All in fun, my friend, all in fun and traffic driving between our sites!