Friday, September 28, 2007

The Transitive Property

Brethren: The transitive property: it's my favorite. I've been running into that sucker every now and again and I appreciate the duality of its nature.

On the one hand, people like to use it to grossly overvalue teams in sports where rankings matter. We're in the middle of one of those right now: hey, Michigan beat Penn State, who beat Notre Dame, so Michigan has to be better than Notre Dame.

Shit, that one's right. Wasn't there some loss to Michigan this season where the Transitive Property didn't work? No? Well then, fuck you, I love the Transitive Property.

I also love it in how it can randomly be applied to many things outside of sports and still rock. Don't follow? I'll explain if you follow me through...

Update:: Jake & Steve made With Leather's Power Rankings.

Brethren (cont'd): So Nacho and I love "Sports Night."

Casey in "Sports Night" rocked (though I think I liked Dan more because of his propensity for speeches like this).

Casey now plays "Nick George" on the new ABC show, "Dirty Sexy Money." Therefore, it must be a kick ass show.

See how that works? Good old Transitive Property.

Well I tested our good friend tonight and watched Casey's new show. And it has a great pilot. It has so much going on, I fear it might have "The O.C." syndrome where they play out too many plot lines in one season. But I find it mighty entertaining. I'll turn it over to Nacho for the real Hollywood analysis.

Nacho: Here's the thing: I dig the transitive property as much as the next guy, but I'd like to take my time to just express how happy I am that the fall season has started. It began with "The Simpsons" paying homage to their summer jobs and even threw a nod to the wonderful world of roomtones. The "Family Guy" Star Wars episode was fun too.

Everything from sitcoms to good casting to livng in a world where spring cleaning comes because there's not enough space on the DVR. It's fantastic. There's a lot of good shows out there, and there's some stuff I won't be tuning in too badly for.

Considering the return of football, the weather changing, and the abundace of televised entertainment, I think it's safe to say Mexican Heritage Month kicks ass.

Enoy your poonful weekend and if you're up around 9:30am on the East Coast tomorrow (6:30 here in SoCal) you should give a listen to Kevin & Bean, as a certain someone will be giving you the lowdown on everything you need to know about this weekend's action.

Whatchu been waitin' on McCall?

By the way, who thought Jeremy from SportsNight was an appropriate choice for a playboy character in the new show "Big Shots"?

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