Sunday, August 26, 2007

Slippery Slopes: A Modest Proposal

Occasionally, we'll read something and get into an iChat conversation where we take a subject and run. We gleefully ride the Slippery Slope.

Nacho: Today we tackle the "lesser of two evils" du jour: Michael Vick.

The FanHaus pointed out this essay by Lawrence O'Donnell wherein Mr. O'Donnell asks the entirely-too-logical question of "What's So Wrong About Killing Dogs?" It's an interesting notion that reminded me of the work by Johnathan Swift that has the greatest title ever, "A Modest Proposal."

You can't look at the Ookie situation the way O'Donnell does because to do so would be to do so without the empathy and morality that we cherish as Western humans. Jon Stewart does a pretty good job of pointing that out.

So with the Irish sensibility for hyperbole in our veins, lets slide down the slippery slope, after

(UPDATE: MJD's DeBrief takes a similar stance, and hey, we both make a 300 joke, so, y'know, woohoo!)

Other Possible Essays:

"What's So Wrong About Killing Dinosaurs" by T. K. Extinction-Event

"What's So Wrong About Killing Spartans?" by Xerxes

"What's So Wrong About Killing Henchmen" by Topper Harley

On a sidenote, I'd like to highlight the good story coming out of Georgia sports these days: For the second year in a row a team from the Peach state won the Little League World Series. Congratulations! Also, a father of one of the players was interviewed during the game. He quit his job to follow his son's journey throughout the Series, and Erin Andrews reported he had had some job offers for after the game. Hooray human interest stories!

Our 46th best state beat the Japanese.

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Gridiron Goddess said...

well Nacho my dear friend, I am sure you have totally expected this comment from me:

What's so wrong with Killing Dogs? Do y'all really wanna go there with your crazy dog loving passionate about protecting dogs pal Amy? Choco-Puppy, Nacho--remember the cuteness of the Choco-Puppy.