Thursday, July 12, 2007

Great Brothers In Sports History

Romulus & Remus kickboxing for some sweet, sweet Wolfmother teat.

Tommy & Timmy Timmons, backing up Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez.

and now, us.

We're two brothers, born and raised in the North Kakkalak, one now representing Manhattan, the other Hollywood, and we're here to bring a little light into your lives.

Currently we're around a 312-303 lifetime record against one another in all manner of sport involving yards, driveways, swimming pools, beaches and/or beer battleship.

I'm Nacho. I'm older & I've got the lead due to some Spurrier-esque behavior when he was a toddler. In fairness, my record mirrors the National League All-stars' this past decade pretty closely.

We enjoy talking about sports and entertainment and such, and we just felt we were being rude not letting you in on it. It's a world that is bursting with petty sibling quibbles, wanton misinformation, and complete homerism for our favorite teams. Occassionally, we'll be really funny.

So there it is: two guys who wish SportsNight never got canceled. Brothers who still get choked up when Ray realizes Doc can't go back to being Moonlight. Southern boys who can't bear to read about effing hockey!!! in a Panthers preview.

A sports blog/correspondence, written by cross-country brethren. Just what the world needs.

-- Nacho Friendly & Brethren


Gridiron said...

fantastic idea guys! best of luck!

It's almost time for some football! Go Trojans!

-your first loyal fan

Elizabeth said...

Brethren... you're my hero!! Good luck!!

ps- remember when I was your boss?

compli-kate said...

Why can't Doc have stayed Moonlight? it was so unfair.... bitch coulda swallowed that hotdog and had character. Instead of growing up with that molester of an uncle, a clueless mom and ending up licking stamps at the iowa post office and ironing her socks. ...I'm just saying.