Friday, February 1, 2008

Pants Party! Pants Party! Pants Party!

Nacho: As it's Friday, I reckon I should dole out a little more info about the upcoming Primary Pants Party. I'm sure we've all been following along with the Frolicking Foibles of Fearless Leader, so I'd like to take a moment to discuss another aspect of the evening that you might not be aware of.

There will be Guitar Hero. There will be The Wheel of Booze. There Will Be Blood. But, in addition to all that, there will be Primary results. This Tuesday ain't just some run-of-the-mill, following-Monday-like-oh-so-many-sheep Tuesday. This is fucking Super Tuesday. So get out there, rock the vote, and afterwards, come watch as the field of presidential candidates dwindles ever further.

All your questions answered, after...

Nacho cont'd: Lets take some inquriries, shall we?

Scott W. (Clemson, SC): I'm a soccer fan, and as such, I was wondering where Will Leitch's book signing is going down in Los Angeles.

SportsBrethren: Good question, Scott, and sorry to hear about the whole soccer thing. Will's book signing and Masterpiece Theater will be happening on Tuesday, February 5th, at Book Soup, at 7pm. Need a map of Book Soup? We've got you covered.

John S. (Plano, TX): At this book signing, will there be punch and pie?

SB: We can neither confirm, nor deny, the existence of neither punch, nor pie, at the book signing.

Lindsay P. (Gastonia, NC): I love dentistry almost as I love getting crunk. The last time I got snockered in a book store, I ended up distributing the What Happening To My Body Book For Boys to a group of elementary students.

There's a twist at the end.

SB Well, Lindsay, while I didn't hear a question in there, I will state that there will be an after-party. This Post Signing Primary Pants Party is going down at Big Wangs Wings Sports Bar in Hollywood. Need a map to get you from Book Soup to Big Wangs? Here ya go:

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Big Wangs is located at 1562 N Cahuenga Blvd, 90028 a scant 3 miles from Book Soup. Just head east on Sunset, turn left when you see the Cinerama Dome and Amoeba Music and it's in the strip mall on the right, one block up.

Guido J. (Patagonia): Yes, but what time will all this madness be taking place?

SB: Fearless Leader ballparks it around 8:30pm, so come on down. We'll watch some primary results, pontificate on the future of our country, then rock out some Guitar Hero. If this shit ends up silly, like Huckabee/Edwards silly, we're gonna need to blow off some steam. Muse should suffice.

Tiny (Compton, CA): I hate words.

SB: Well, then here's an awesome video our friend Alexis made for her own Primary Party, that we will gladly show you:

Bambi (Reno, NV) Why won't you visit your child, Nacho? He's got your fucking eyes! Why won't you talk to us?! What have we done to deserve this?!

/slaps a ho

SB: You know what you did.

So there it is folks, all the news that's fit to print. If you'd like to pummel us for more information, feel free to just send us an email at: We'll be happy to take any questions, comments, or paternity tests, so long as your not a filthy whore from Reno.

Have a nice weekend, and enjoy the Super Bowl, urrbody.

Come for the politics,
stay for the videogames!

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Trey said...

I like to rock with my shirt off. Will that be a problem? And if so can I take it off long enough to get Leitch to sign it?