Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Greatest Sports Gambling Site Ever

Brethren: This Series of Tubes delivers me joy every single day. But today, I discovered a new land in the Interwebs that I can tell will eternally put me in afternoon drinking mood.

Today, I was emailed by an old college buddy, passing along the word of what I easily consider the greatest sports gambling website I've ever seen. For free, you can put your inner Brandon Lang sports gambling savvy to the test -- and win real money.

Hard cash. Duckets. Dolla dolla bills. For free.

If this seems like a scam, stay with me. There are some catches. But if you have a slight interest in betting on sports -- yet don't want to deal with the hassle of losing hard earned cash, this site is for you. The site is CentSports.com and honestly, I'm just pissed I didn't think of it first. It's a brilliant concept, simply designed, and I'm quite sure will become terrifyingly addicting.

The skinny and the catches after The Jump:

Brethren (cont'd): Here's the deal: CentSports.com deposits 10 cents into your account. You start gambling your 10 cents on sports lines (the spread, money lines, over/unders, parlays, etc) for free. From there you try to grow your dime slowly. If you run out, they will keep giving you another dime. It's brilliant.

The catch (althought it's not that bad): you can't cash out until you reach $10 -- and you get your money via a PayPal deposit. Additionally, once you reach $10 you can't make any bets larger than $10 at a time. All the money come from advertisers. You can also watch commercials and provide feedback for a 25% payout increase after you've made your bet (which as an advertiser myself, I highly recommend doing, for all parties involved).

For the community aspect, once you sign up, you can add anyone else that signs up as friends in order to keep tabs on everyone's bets. It also has a Facebook application for the socially-networking involved. I can already tell it will be incredibly addicting.

As both a sports gambling fan and a person who works in Interactive Advertising, this site just blows my mind. It's so simple: a great concept executed simply and humorously (honestly, looking at the site, it couldn't have taken more than 2 weeks to build and not more than $10-20k of a designer's time to make). It's incredibly targeted for the young sports fan.

Like I said, I'm just fucking pissed I didn't think of it first.

So go to CentSports.com, and behold one of the most addicting sites to hit the Sports Interwebs in quite some time. Enjoy.

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