Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Most Un-Typical Bobcats Game Ever

Brethren: I'm just really excited they won.

Yes, J-Rich, you can score at will for us.

Bobcats 95, Celtics 83.

Not at what I was expecting after this. So after completing their second win in a row over a probable playoff team from the Eastern Conference, I can only believe that the Bobcats took to heart my dejection from them losing so pitifully on my birthday.

Other reasons, you ask? Go on.

Brethren (cont'd): Well, let's see what we can't think of:

- Ray Allen was hurt and didn't play. You might remember him from their first meeting in Charlotte, where he hit a last-second 3 pointer to beat the Bobcats.

- The boss showed up before yesterday's game and lit a fire under their collective arses.

Nacho: I think it's fairly clear why the scrappy 'Cats beat out the pre-eminent East Conference Leaders: They've been spending too much time with Silky Garrard. It just makes sense.

- Glen Davis sat out as well. I'd imagine he's just getting the hang of boxers. Needed a night to try it out on New England women.

- They feel real bad for the hometown feller whose in "really, really tough shape" after his spanking in New Hampshire. (Help my boy out.)

- Since we have Jordan, we can't disregard the idea that it could be The Shoes:


Trey said...

I hate that no one comments on here. HATE HARD!!!

P.S. Mickey I hear that you're trying to replace me with another Trey?? What the duece??

Trevor said...

The Bobcats are in the midst of the easiest part of their schedule after the Celts game. The addition/subtraction of Nazr Muhammed/ Primo Breznec will help immensely. J-Rich needs to earn his loot and Sean May continues to collect bank CHILLING on the bench and dancing badly at Charlotte nightclubs (on a bad leg). The 'Cats play like 30 road games to end the year due to ACC, CIAA, NCAA tourney games, and probably a handful of U-13 YMCA games (way to whore out your arena Bob) so they desperately need to win now. That or begint he tank job so that they can draft Wayne Ellington.

P.S. Tyler Hansbrough may not be 40, but he "IS A MAN". That dunk last night was epic.

MCBias said...

That is a shame that no one comments, because that was a good post.