Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Most Typical Bobcats Game Ever

Brethren: Last night for my birfday, a buddy of mine* from home bought four tickets to the Bobcats-Nets game in The Meadowlands. Section 239, row 24.

The last row in the arena. Still, it's an NBA game; it must cost thousands of dollars per year to purchase those regular season tickets.

$13.50. He bought the four tickets for a total of $13.50. Total. $3.38 (rounding up) per ticket. The most outrageous deal I'd ever heard of.

So we gathered two other friends from home who live in/near the city, hopped on the bus, and we made it to the Izod Center (my sisterin and I had a funny discussion on why Izod chose to spend its marketing dollars on an arena in East Rutherford, NJ -- seriously, why?). We bought beer and headed up the steep incline to our seats.

The full game story, desde

* Friend not Steve Nash, but the writer of that post

Brethren (cont'd) Of course, there was a large family sitting in our seats. Not willing to get into a confrontation when so many open terrible seats were available, we plopped ourselves in the second to last row of a neighboring section. After a smoking hot 16-year-old chick sang the National Anthem, the game was ready to go.

(Can I say that she was smoking hot? Now that I'm officially 7 years older than her, is that ok? I mean, she was. Fuck that high school football player that's taking her down. Fuck him, seriously.)

The view from our seats. That court is far away.

And the Bobcats came out gunning. J-Rich came out on fire. Felton and McInnis were controlling the tempo. GWallace was flying all over the place. We built a 13 point lead. Even with that lead, a sense of doom was all our group of Bobcats fans could feel. We had the lead, and yet we knew that wasn't going to be maintained.

The Nets lurve them some old-school amenities in the Izod Center. Such as this crystal-clear, high-def scoreboard.

It didn't. The lead shrank to six points by halftime. Our group moved down to seats still in our section that were about ten rows from the bottom to see if that could help the inevitable. It didn't. We were down two going into the fourth. Suddenly, we couldn't do anything right. Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. They started a lay-up line. Darrell Armstrong was hitting 3s. At one point in the fourth, we were down 12. It ended up as a six point loss.

The view from our second half seats. The view was better, our team was not.

Ultimately, that's the thing about being a Bobcats fan right now; the team just can't maintain a lead, they can't close a team out. It's really like the other team goes on cruise control then turns it on and we can't do anything about it. At some point, it's our fourth season and I'm ready for this team to become a winner.

Until then, drunk faces!

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