Friday, August 15, 2008

Baby Pools

Nacho: So that happened. So it was, so it always shall be. The Cats got out to a commanding, early lead and managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

As I looked over our roster the other day, one giant red flag kept signaling: we're not an especially deep team. This weakness was exposed during the biblically-weathered preseason game against the Eagles from Philly last night. Our starters owned theirs; our defense clamped and shut down the Iggles' running game. I'll admit Donovan McNabb looked pretty dang good, despite his team's lack of receivers with what the ol' folks call "hands". I'll also admit that Philly's O-line straight pancaked our front four like it was nobody's business.

Now that we've been all nice and shit, follow us after the jump to hear our thoughts on the Cats, after...

Nacho cont'd: I wonder how accurate of a representation this game was of both team's true potential. That lightning delay in the first quarter prolly wasn't exactly what Biscuit Defender would've wanted. You get all ramped up, and within ten minutes, you're back in the locker room, getting yelled at. Seems like athletic blue balls, so, with that in mind, I'm apt to think the Panthers and Eagles weren't the same team we'll see in the regular season.

Jake ran the offense with assurance, DeAngelo Williams penetrated holes like a porn star and our defense was freaking solid...

Then the 2nd half started. Our 2nd string and then our scrubs came in and proceeded to get their yards stomped. In the parlance of the 1950s, our jocks were eaten. While Jonathan Stewart looked promising our 2nd string D needs to learn how to tackle. Our back ups need to step it up if the Cats are gonna do anything this season, as we aren't exactly known to stay healthy for whole seasons. We're about as deep as baby pools at this point, and that ain't good.

Two last notes: with a receiving corp. of Steve Smith, DJ Hackett, Moose and Jarrett and a tandem of Stewart and DeAngelo, my expectations for a high powered offense are growing. Also: kudos to Richard Marshall for providing the first real highlight of the season.

Now for the east coast feed...

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