Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good Lord, Tiger

Brethren: My Lord. I have never watched a golf match with such a drama overwhelming me: the tight chest, shortened breath, a "holy shit" sense hanging over my head. Tiger, on a day where he clearly was affected by his knee, on a day where he couldn't find a fairway, icily corrals a 12-15 foot birdie putt on the 72nd hole of the U.S. Open to force a Monday grudge match against the incredibly likeable Rocco Mediate.

I cannot even fathom how much focus, faith, and gigantic balls it took to make that putt. To put into perspective how tough the U.S. Open is, this is the first time in 4 years that a golfer posted a below-par score over 72 holes. This is the toughest stage in arguably the most mental tough game. You play enough golf, you know how mentally shaky you can become when you tell yourself you have to make a putt -- to win a bet, to beat your dad, to beat your buddy. It's silly how much you can psyche yourself out.

Tiger, through faith in his ability, through incredibly hard work, through a disposition that makes him hate the "snooze" button, simply does not let the game of golf get the better of him. It is unreal.

It's one thing to be so well conditioned and have such natural athletic ability to dominate a sport. You have to be a special person to have the mental toughness and killer instinct to perform at such a high level with the stakes so high. I can't think of another athlete like him in my lifetime besides Michael Jordan.

Tiger fights to keep his perfect "will win the major when leading after 54 holes" sreak tomorrow at 12 PM EST.

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Brethren (cont'd): Oh, and pre-emptive apologies to my employer and my client for my lack of productivity from 12-4 tomorrow. Tiger does this to us golf fans.

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