Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sailing Through the Doldrums

Nacho: Well we seem to have gotten through the doldrums. The SportsBrethren don't much follow, or care, about baseball, so expect a slimmer output for a bit. The NFL schedule came out today. MJD thinks the Panthers only Monday Night game has a high potential to be shitty. I think our Cats could be clinching the Division title around that time.

The Panthers will open their season in San Diego, and I will most certainly be attending. There's also a game in Oakland, which may or may not be attended by yours truly.

Other than that, not much doin'. The Bobcats finished their season in much the same manner they've done lately. That's, like, the third game we've blown huge leads in, with differing, albeit frustrating results. I'm glad we won more games than Simmons thought we'd win (25). I look forward to who we might pick up in the offseason, where Mek ends up, and of course, the draft.

Brethren will add some thoughts, and we'll check back in when something strikes us.

Brethren: It feels good to be back here at the Dexter Lake Club.

So while I disagree with Nacho and will remind our good readers, I do care about baseball, it's only April, and I'm hindered by my lack of gumption for one team (an issue I'm sure I'll get into one of these days).

That said, there wasn't much of a Masters and like Nacho pointed out, the Bobcats are following their formulaic late March/early April baloncesto of blowing large leads, letting the other team outrebound them, and generally not seeming too care much at all what Sam Vincent has to say. Whether Jordan fires his good friend after one year is sure to be a topic of interest this offseason.

A quick look at the Panthers schedule just makes me sad football's so far away. I love the idear of caring about the order of their schedule on a Tuesday in April, but not so much that I'm gonna get real riled up about it. As for the NFL Draft, I'm liking most of the names I'm hearing: Jeff Otah or Rynn Clady at tackle, Gator Derrick Harvey at DE, and Rashard Mendenhall at RB (although the last time the Panthers took a Rashard in the first round, George Siefert was at the helm, and I'm sure no one wants any memory of those times).

But at the end of the day, the NFL Draft falls on the same day as the Foxfield Races every year. And for those of you who don't know what Foxfield is, well, I feel bad. Because you haven't lived in super happy eternal awesomeness land until you've experienced Foxfield.

That's about all I have to say about that. Be on the look out for a special guest column from an old pal sometime soon!

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